HiP Picks from TiPS! (1 of 2)

Posted on May 17, 2012


It seems that time just zips by . . .

So . . . finally . . .the first of two posts with our HiP App Picks!!  In preparation for the Speech and Hearing Expo that we previously blogged about, we had both decided that it would be fun to highlight some of our favourite apps that are used often in our practice.  We also want to showcase the diversity of apps that are available and the many different areas of S-LP practice that can be tapped into using the iPad and apps as tools.

So here it is . . . Our HiP Picks from TiPS .  It was really difficult to narrow down our list, but here are a few of the apps we choose to highlight (in no particular order):

Toca Tea Party  by Toca Boca

This is a great app to stimulate conversation, turn taking and facilitate requesting and other language functions.  Convert your iPad into a virtual tea party.  Set the table, pour tea and lemonade, eat cookies and cake, clean up spills, listen to the radio and when you’re finished, it’s time for dishes. You can find a review of this app and information about how it can be used in speech language therapy here or at TherapyApp411.com.

Toca Boca knows how to make great apps.  Their apps are engaging and thoughtful and offers opportunities to work on functional language/play in an interactive way.  Be sure to check our their site as there are many other great apps that can be used by the S-LP.

Conversation Builder by Mobile Education Store.

This is an app that works on initiation and building reciprocity and topic maintenance in conversation.  A review of this app can be found on TherapyApp411.com  This app fills a void in the S-LP toolbox.  To get an idea of what this app does, you can access a video of the app tutorial here.

Mobile Education Store makes a number of other great apps for S-LP Therapy.  Apps have been carefully designed and provide graduated scaffolding.  A recent favourite is Rainbow Sentences.

S-LP Goal Bank by Smarty Ears.

A great tool for the beginning S-LP clinician and also for those that are more seasoned.   The app provides 23 speech and language domains/goal areas (e.g., AAC; Aphasia – Functional; Aritculation-Phonology; CAS; Fluency; Dysphagia; Language Syntax etc.) and sample goals in each category.  Select goals that are specific to your client.  Clinicians can customize, edit and add goals to each area.  Once goals are selected and individualized, they can be shared via email.

Smarty Ears is a leader in the development of apps for S-LPs.  Click on the previous link to see more apps from the Smarty Ears family of apps.

 Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech.

A beautifully and thoughtfully designed app for articulation therapy.  This app offers versatility and targets speech sounds at the word, sentence and paragraph levels.  Track data during the therapy session and save it to the client’s profile.  There is also the option to record and listen to the client’s/student’s production.  This app is very engaging and offers a nice balance between traditional flashcards and simple games.

Click here to see a video tutorial of the app.

Making Sequences by Zorten Software

By far, our favourite sequencing app.  It can be used to teach task sequencing related to functional life skills and it’s also a great app for story sequencing.  You can use the built in 3, 4 and 5 picture sequences.  However, one of the greatest features of this app is the ability to individualize/personalize the sequences by creating your own using your own pictures.

Check out this video sample of Making Sequences.

We hope you enjoyed this post.  Stayed tuned for Part 2 of our Hip Picks!

Renena & Kerry

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