SHANS Speech and Hearing Expo

Posted on January 17, 2012


In early November, we had the great pleasure of being a part of the first ever Speech and Hearing Expo in Nova Scotia that was organized by SHANS, our provincial association!!! TiPS had an information booth (pictured right).  VERY EXCITING!!!  We also provided a short information session about the iPad and various apps that we have been using during our therapy sessions with students.  We had lots of interest and discussion at our booth throughout the day and although our presentation was late in the afternoon it was still VERY popular with standing room only!  We had many participants with great questions!  We want to send a heartfelt thank you to the developers who were so generous and shared apps that we used as giveaways during our session.  “Thank you!” and much appreciation to developers: Mobile Education Store, Smarty Ears and Toca Boca!!

In preparing for the EXPO we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of our favourite apps . . . and that was how HiP picks from TiPS (upcoming blog post) was born.  We also thought it would be important to make the distinction between using the iPad as a learning tool with our students and using it as a communication device.  Throughout the day we shared programs and functions of the iPad and participated in interesting discussions with members of the community and colleagues.  We were glad that we highlighted this difference (i.e., learning/teaching tool<->communication device) since many of our conversations centred around the need for assessment, goal development, intervention planning and generalization/carryover with the iPad and other tools that we might be using from our SLP toolkit.  During the fun app demos we had lots of great chatter about therapeutic practice using this highly motivating tool.  It was exciting to connect with parents, teachers/support staff, SLP colleagues working in different settings, SLP students, professors and other professionals that work with children and adults that experience communication challenges. A very special thank you to S-LP Sarah Offman who joined to help us out at our busy booth.  What a great day (and despite drinking lots of water throughout the day we experienced vocal fatigue from the lack of vocal rest)!

Many seniors passed by our booth and were fascinated by this little device that we were playing with and talking about.  They were interested in its use as an organizational tool, e-book, and communication tool.  A retired SLP colleague who had heard about the Expo made a special trip just to see the iPad and find out about how we were using it with our students.  She recalled how technology had improved her workload as a young SLP – with the introduction of the photocopier . . . with that innovative device she was able to copy pictures for her students to practice at home no longer needing to take the time to draw them!!! Oh my!  How far we have come!  She was amazed to see how speech worksheets can now be stored in the CLOUD; picture scenes and word lists can be sent directly to teachers and parents during the session and our therapy scores emailed to our inbox.  BUT then she saw how we can have a tea party and do the dishes without carrying extra bags full of toys (Toca Tea Party!)  . . . WOW. . . she and so many others were amazed!

It was a incredible day of networking and sharing information and ideas!!

Stay Tuned for HiP Picks from TiPS!!  Coming VERY soon (along with newly updated and categorized app lists)!!

Renena & Kerry

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