Helpful Resources and Favorite Sites for iPad Information

Posted on August 24, 2012


Well, as we are getting ready to get back to the grind in the coming week and preparing for the beginning of yet another school year,  I thought it might be helpful to share some of my go-to sites and resources for information about the iPad, apps and the S-LP!

So here it goes . . .

1.  SPEECH TECHIEOne of my favorite sites and go-to resources when it comes to learning practical skills and gaining information about the iPad and useful apps for speech-language practice is without a doubt Speech Techie.  My colleague and fellow TherapyApp411 editor, S-LP Sean Sweeney is the guy responsible for this extremely helpful page.  Sean is a wealth of knowledge and his blog is jam-packed with lots of information about technology and how it can be used to support students who require speech-language intervention.  It’s a must, must, must for new and seasoned tech users!  Thanks, Sean for all your work and willingness to share your fantastic ideas!

2.  PINTEREST:  In addition to having lots of great information for S-LPs about therapy activities, handy handouts and lots of other helpful information PINTEREST is also a place where I find information related to the all things techy!  Speech-Language Pathologist, AAC and Assistive Technology Consultant, Lauren S. Enders has a fabulous resource for S-LP iPad enthusiasts.  She has created 67 boards on Pinterest all related to iDevices, accessories and apps for the various domains of speech-language practice.  Thanks Lauren for creating such a valuable and useful pinterest site!  It is an excellent resource.  You can check it out by clicking here.

3.  SPECTRONICSThe Spectronics Blog has a whole list of resources of “Useful Apple and Apps-Related Resource”.  Collections of blog posts categorized under the following headings: iPad Basics, Teaching & Learning, Tips & Tricks, Accessibility & Access, and Sources for Quality App Reviews amongst others can be found.  Very helpful for those starting out and even more seasoned iPad users.

Some of my favorite posts on this blog include:

4.  TiPS is a content curation tool; a place to gather information about topics of interest to its user. is another resource that I use frequently to find out information about the iPad, apps and tech integration to support programming for students.  I comb the web and other Scoop.its I follow for articles that are relevant the iPad and apps and curate/post them to my own TiPS site.  To see the articles and information that I feel have useful and worthwhile information, click here.

5.  TherapyApp411This is a blog site that was started by 4 S-LPs (a collaborative effort of #SLPeeps:  @SpeechGadgetDeb (, @SpeechTechie (, @azspeechguy ( and myself @SLPrj ( and it’s mission is to provide reviews and other content regarding apps and devices from a therapists’ perspective.  Submissions from other bloggers and reviewers, even those from other disciplines (OT, PT) are also included.  Another great resource and a must-read for those wanting to find out more information about app integration in S-LP therapy!

Hopefully this will provide some helpful information and good resources to save your time and energy when looking for information on techy topics.

That’s all from me for now . . .

Happy Back to School!