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 App Name/Publisher: PrepositionBuilder by Mobile Education Store           

 Description:  PrepositionBuilder is another fantastic app created by Mobile      Education Store.  The design of the app is intended to promote the understanding  and use of prepositions.  The app has 8 sets/groups of 3 prepositions and 1 set of  4 prepositions.  

The app organizes the prepositions into the following sets/modules:

  • in, on, under  
  • down, up, off  
  • above, below, at, by  
  • behind, between, beside  
  • out of, next to, away from 
  • toward, around, through 
  • to, from, at 
  • across, past, over 
  • with, about, for

There are 21 exemplars per preposition set/module. 

Each student can be entered individually under his/her own profile.  One or more preposition sets can be selected to target during a session.  Once the activity starts, the student is presented with an image and a written sentence with a blank.  A choice of three prepositions are presented below the picture.  The student is required to select the appropriate preposition that completes the sentence about the picture.  There is an option to record the completed correct sentence.  If the incorrect preposition is selected, the picture will change to an image that depicts the preposition that was chosen.  Data is collected/recorded related to the number of attempts to select the correct response.

Upon the completion of each preposition set, a video scene is unlocked.  Once all levels are completed, you can watch an entire story created by each unlocked video scene.  This feature adds an additional layer of motivation for students.

See a video demonstration of the app here:

 Therapy Use:

This app is excellent for working on the comprehension and use of prepositions.  It is important, particularly for preschoolers/younger students that the S-LP provideThe activity can be extended by using objects or barrier games to work on each preposition set.

For students working on goals in combination with those for language, the app could also be used to target/facilitate articulation carryover/generalization.  Generalization of fluency targets could be promoted during the use this app as well.

App Benefits/Likes:

  • Engaging and motivating
  • Colorful and appealing graphics
  • Visuals (i.e., pictures) for incorrect responses are provided/shown
  • Unlocking of individual scenes upon the completion of each preposition set provides an excellent source of reinforcement for students


Data collection that is more specific (i.e., provides information about what prepositions were most often incorrect) would be helpful.

Auditory cues for the initial presentation of the sentence for each exemplar are not provided.  This would be helpful, particularly for those students who cannot read.  

App Summary

Skill(s) Targeted:  Expressive & Receptive LanguageAge/Grade Levels Targeted:  Preschool, Kindergarten, Early Elementary (Grades 1 – 3)

How to Activate:  Isolated finger point, Swipe, Hold and drag

Type of Device:  iPad only

Cost:  $7.99

Would you recommend this app?  Yes

Hyperlink:  Preposition Builder

Reviewed by:  Renena Joy, M.Sc., S-LP(C)

Review Date:  October 25, 2011

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