CELEBRATING Speech and Hearing Awareness Month!!

Posted on May 4, 2011


It’s May….and time to CELEBRATE !!!

They say “…time flies when you’re having fun!” and this year we are having fun and the time is flying by!  Suddenly it is May Month and time to CELEBRATE our profession, our love of the iPad and our work in schools. A year ago we thought that the iPad would be a great addition to our “therapy tool kit”, but little did we expect the impact it would have in our “learning tool kit”! This technology has not only supported our work with our students, it has been of great benefit to our professional practice and development as well.  As itinerant S-LPs we move from school to school often having little contact with our peers; as such it can be easy to feel that you are all alone and that you need to have the answers and ideas for everything.  This year though, through Twitter, we’ve learned that it is easy to connect and collaborate with other SLPs around the globe and also be inspired by their work.  Now that is a reason to CELEBRATE!

This year as May Month approached, we looked to each other for some new interesting activities that we could use to raise awareness about our work as S-LPs.  May Month also gives us the opportunity to have a little FUN and helps propel us through the paperwork pile in our offices that awaits us in June!!!  So this year, the answer was easy, we decided to share some of the great and inspiring ideas that we learned from other S-LPs through tweeting and blogging with our iPads!

Our May Month Activities were inspired by:

Speech Techie, Sean Sweeney’s GlogsterEdu week of blog posts that highlighted the applicability of this tool and its ease of use.  Please check out our first Glog . . . May Speech and Hearing Month.” After learning about and loving Glogster we discovered that this website is not currently accessible in our schools.  Our  goal during May Month is to have Glogster EDU opened in all of our schools so that we can share this great tool with our teachers!  One school down only 10 to go!

Janelle Albrecht’s Seriously Silly Speech Therapy with Silly Bandz guest post on Speech Techie’s Blog April, 2011.  Thank you so much for this fun post about those little bracelets that our students have been sharing and trading in the schools this year. During May Month we will share Janelle’s great ideas with all of our learning centre teachers by giving them ready to go “Dandy BAND” KITS containing a selection of bracelets, activity sheets and graphic organizers to illustrate the many ways they can use this funky jewlery fad to promote their students vocabulary development, categorization skills, listening/direction following skills and verbal expression.  Hopefully during May Month, we will hear the students asking, “Can we play Barrier BANDy…BANDy Pals….Dandy Asking BANDy?”

And last but not least – a must do for 2011 – sharing about the movie “THE KING’S SPEECH” winner of 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture!!!  During May Month we will highlight this movie with our Middle/Junior High and High School teachers by sharing a free educational programming that they can use in their classrooms.  The program was designed for use at the High School level but it could certainly be adapted for younger students.   On April 1st the Weinstein Company released a PG-13 version of the film, however the educational program they developed with curriculum specialist Young Minds Inspired (YMI) does not require that students have seen the movie to become engaged in the story and participate in the activities.  Check out the materials here.

It’s May . . . time to CELEBRATE !!!

Kerry & Renena

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