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Posted on April 15, 2011


has been very busy these past few weeks.  March went whizzing by and now seems to be just a distant memory as spring is blooming all around us.  We have been spreading the word about the iPad, downloading apps, tweeting on Twitter, and using the iPad in our schools to create some communication BUZZ (and a buzz it has created!)  Over the years many times we’ve heard teachers say “You S-LP’s are so great!  You have really fun games, neat ideas . . . and you SHARE!!!”.  Hearing these words again offered a reminder for us to take the time to blog and SHARE more about our iPad journey.

So here is the latest BUZZ:

Spreading the word: On February 28th, we had the great pleasure of sharing our knowledge about our new therapy friend iPad and our favorite app finds with 85+ of our colleagues.  A big thank you to our S-LP colleagues across the province of Nova Scotia for your positive feedback and support. It was so wonderful to share our love of the iPad and some of the apps that we have been using with our students.  We loved that there was WiFi in the room and S-LP’s were able to download apps as we were doing demos!  How fun is that?!?!  Since then we have heard that many iPad 2’s have been flying off the shelves and into the therapy bags of our S-LP friends and colleagues!!!  It is such a fun and exciting time!

  • We’d love to hear about your experiences using the iPad in your schools and with employers, parents, etc.  Please SHARE a comment so we will be inspired about new ways that we can spread the word.

Downloading Apps: Our information from the PD session in February is being uploaded on our TiPS Blog.  We would like to send a big “THANK YOU!” to SpeechTechie, Sean Sweeney and the ASHA Leader for SHARING the word about our blog so that more people can access our lists and information.

Update: Voice, Fluency apps have been posted and Social Skills/Pragmatic app lists are coming soon!  Stay iTUNED!  We will also be adding new content to our posted lists in each area:  An app a day keeps the S-LP at play!

  • Please SHARE your favorite S-L app with us so we can check it out and then post it on our app lists.

Tweeting and Twitter: So much is happening on the internet and technology is advancing so rapidly.  Twitter has been a great tool to help us connect with other SLPeep’s and keep up with exciting events and interchanges around the world.

Have you joined twitter yet????

Here are just a few of our favorite Twitter Benefits:

  • Collborate, consult and share ideas with other SLPeeps from around the globe!!
  • SLPChat:  SLPChat is a Twitter based study group created by S-LPs, Tanya Coyle (@SLPTanya) and Shareka (@speechreka). It is primarily meant for Speech-Language Pathologists/Therapists “to collaborate in a more formalized atmosphere for professional development and discussion”. Each chat has a specific topic and is moderated by @SLPChat. To join this study group, please follow @SLPChat on Twitter and the SLPChat blog to get updates on upcoming topics and chat dates and times. Here was the most recent SLPChat topic:  Developing First Words (
  • Get live tweets from conferences attended by #SLPeeps!!  Tune-in for the tweetup at CASLPA 2011 on April 29th.  Follow the hashtag #CASLPA2011 to access tweets during the conference.

School: April is Autism Awareness Month…so it’s a great time to SHARE about this special population of kids.  We have had some great success with some of the Discrete Trial teaching apps that are available.  Word SLapPs ( and ChoiceBoard Maker (technochipmunk.…2500+ downloads) are two apps that allow you to easily upload images and record voice/music, etc. to personalize lessons for students targeting specific/relevant and functional vocabulary  (e.g., the student’s clothing, lunch items, pictures of their teachers, peers, etc.).  We’ve been having great success with these and also app SeeTouchLearn ( to work on body parts, foods, etc.  We love the pictures available in this app and multiple exemplars!  The app is so easy to program that you can create an activity for the student during recess and then use it in your therapy session moving quickly through the lessons controlling for the vocabulary, number of choices available, complexity of the question/request (e.g., “Touch the arm.”, “Find the toes.”, “Which one do we use to wave?”) without fumbling and fussing with cards and data transcribing because it provides a record of the student’s score at the end of each lesson!  The best part of this is that they are all FREE.  You can pay to have an upgrade of vocabulary and other features, but initial downloads of these apps are FREE and even these levels pack a very powerful therapy punch and can demonstrate to teachers ways they can target vocabulary and language in a structured and systematic manner!  Thank you so much to these developers for SHARING FREE versions of these apps so we can try them out with our students!!!

  • We know there are lots of great Apps for this population…please take a minute and SHARE a comment about your favorites so we can use them with our students!!!

Like we said….there’s lots of BUZZ….and more to come with “May Month” around the corner…stay iTuned and please keep SHAREing our TiPS!

Kerry & Renena